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Established in 1991.

Wolverine Shooting Sports started in 1991, with just doing gun shows. Within a short time, we opened our first store on Telegraph Road, in Brownstown Township, MI. In 1998 we purchased a shooting range that was about to go out of business, and we completely remodeled the building, and rebuilt the range with new target systems, new fresh air and heat, and a new backstop. The benefit of a fresh air range is that, because we do not recycle air, we can allow black powder firearms on the range.

Our backstop is the Caswell Grantrap, which uses rubber pellets to capture the bullets, with little if any fragmentation. This is a MUCH safer backstop for our customers, since it practically eliminates the possibility of a ricochet, and reduces airborne lead exposure.

Come and see how we can help you get the best “bang for your buck.” Great service, low prices pretty much sums up our philosophy. We’re here to help you find what you need, in a price range that fits your budget! Come visit our knowledgeable staff today!

If you have a general inquiry, please use the contact form below, or contact us at sales@wolverineshooting.com.

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