FFL Transfers

Firearms FFL Transfers

If you purchase a gun online from an auction site or a dealer in another state, you must have the firearm shipped to a local Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer. This is where we come in. After you have made your purchase, you must contact us with information about the firearm and the dealer from whom you purchased it. We will then make the necessary contact and handle the rest of the process for you. When the firearm arrives at our store, we will call you and have you come in to fill out the Federal forms.

For this service, we charge the following rates:

Regular priced FFL Transfers: $25

Annual Member Transfer Fee: $15

If you have already purchased a gun and wish to use email to inform us of an incoming FFL Transfer, please use the contact form below. FFL Dealer Information is about the Dealer FROM WHOM you’ve made your purchase. Without the following information, we cannot complete a FFL transfer. Using this contact form is exactly the same as sending us an email directly. If you would rather send your own email, please feel free to contact us at ffl@wolverineshooting.com. Thank you for your patronage!